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Benji Guill is a native of Livingston County. Raised in Ledbetter, Kentucky, he is a 1995 graduate from Livingston Central High School. He is married and has two children; a daughter and a son.

He is an active member of the Kentucky Jailer's Association and has served in the past on the Kentucky Jail Standards Commission. He has also a Kentucky Colonel and a Duke of Paducah.

Livingston County Jail was closed as May 16, 2005, due to new state regulations. Kentucky currently has 36 counties that their jails are closed. These County Jailers are responsible for transferring all people that are arrested to another jail to be held. The Jailer also transfers all inmates to all court appearances and various other appointments that they might have during their incarceration period. Livingston County Jailers Office transports well over 1100 inmates per year. The Kentucky Constitutions of 1792 and 1799 did not refer to the office of jailer. Article VI, Section 1 of the 1850 version required each county to elect a jailer, and two provisions of the present Constitution refer specifically to the office. Section 99 provides for the election of a jailer in each county. The Kentucky constitutional provisions relating to the office of jailer are unique. No other state constitution refers to jailers (Legislative). In most states, the sheriff or a sheriff's deputy would perform the duties of jailer (Wager).

Livingston County Fiscal Court has contracted with McCracken County Jail to house all inmates.
Inmates are housed in McCracken County Jail.

McCracken County Jail
400 South 7th
Paducah, KY 42003
Phone 270-444-4730
Fax 270-444-1337
Benji Guill,
Jailer - Elected 2002
PO Box 91
216 East Adair Street
Smithland, KY 42081
Fax: 270-928-3606
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