Lighthouse Recovery Center


Men's Facility: 1276 E. 250 N. Washington, Indiana 47501 Phone: 812-254-0113

Women's Facility: 311 E. Main Street Washington, Indiana 47501 Phone: 812-254-0860


History of the Lighthouse Recover Center

The Lighthouse began in January 2003  with one Friday night meeting led by Pete Aldrich, a convicted drug dealing user, in a small moving and storage building located in the west end side of the town of Washington, Indiana. The meetings there grew and expanded to include Monday night meetings led by, now daytime Director, Ronnie Lents. After both meetings out grew the moving and storage building, a search for a larger location began. Eventually, a location was found, a closed down store on 311 E. Main Street. The store also had an upstairs that could accommodate living space. The upstairs was remodeled into living quarters in which it was able to house about 12-14 men only.

Meetings were added to just about every night of the week, Monday through Saturday, to accommodate anyone who may have needed to attend an AA/NA meeting.

With a place for people to come and meet and a place where men can come to recover, there was the growing need for place where women can also go to recover. Again the search was on for another center to be born. Through the grace of God the founders of the Lighthouse were able to obtain the old county farm located outside the city limits, on the edge of town. The county farm is a four story building with several outside buildings including a barn and laundry facilities. The decision was made to move the men’s facility to “the farm” and open the Main Street facility to the women in need.

We have currently been in operation for over nine years and now house about 17-24 women on Main Street and 40-45 men at the men’s facility. We have 6 paid employees, one female Director and assistant Director at the women’s facility, a Director and assistant Director at the men’s facility, a Lighthouse Bookkeeper and Secretary to the Executive Coordinator, and Pete Aldrich the Executive Coordinator.

The Lighthouse Recovery Center has a Board of Directors with 5 members. The Lighthouse is a 501-C3 and runs only off of donations. The Lighthouse is a Christian facility and its impatient program lasts 9 months to 2 years. God has been faithful.


Meetings are held Sunday through Friday which include but not limited to:

The meetings are designed to appeal to any addiction. The evil of addiction is not particular of age, race, or social stature. It has only one intention and that is to claim power over your life. The meetings are open to anyone who has the desire to break free in a safe, loving and healing place.

  • Discipleship
  • Behavior Management
  • Anger Management
  • Intensive Alcohol and Drug treatment groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Christ Centered 12-Step Recovery Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • Marriage Classes
  • Education/Evaluations

For further information on meeting times and location please use the list of contact numbers on the help page.