Lighthouse Recovery Center

"Leading people out of the darkness and into the light."


Men's Facility: 1276 E. 250 N. Washington, Indiana 47501 Phone: 812-257-0113

Women's Facility: 311 E. Main Street Washington, Indiana 47501 Phone: 812-254-0860

From the desk of
Pete Aldrich...

As Founder and Executive Coordinator of the Lighthouse Recovery Center I an humbled by God's grace. I never would have thought God would do all this. It's like I've been here since it started just watching God do what He does. It is awesome!!! He heals a life and then uses that life to heal others. I have had people try to tell me what a good job I have done. HA! I tell them I'm just the dummy in the middle. God just did it! And I am so thankful for his glory and His sweet presence. He has given us a brand new state of the art building at the farm. You must come to our Open House! We have also re-modeled the women's facilty. It's great! The women keep asking for a place at the edge of town, I told them to keep praying because we know God can do it. I want to personally thank all the donors. Thank you very much! We need new doners because we have lost many due to our economy. If everybody would just send $10 or $20, it would add up. Thank you for everything. So glad you are a part of this great God-given ministry. Cover us in prayers as our God changes one life at a time.

Primary services

The Lighthouse offers a 9 month to 2 year transitional housing/rehab program for both men and women in separate facilities. A supportive living environment is offered to those who seek to learn new, sober and productive life patterns.

Our residents live in an environment committed to abstinence and recovery.

We use every tool that we can find, State Licensed Counselors, doctors, mentors, volunteer teachers, pastors, churches, and a community of other believers, who have the desire to see men and women recover from the grips of addiction.

We are oriented and believe that God's desire and ability is to totally recover families that are dysfunctional and are looking for a better way to live through the power of Jesus Christ. We believe when Jesus Christ said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," He meant it.

Our program is geared toward returning the residents to the community and to their families as sober, responsible, working, law abiding citizens. We help them become self-sufficient, obtain employment, find a permanent place to live and gain permanent cessation from the use of drugs, alcohol, and dysfunctional lifestyles.


We at the Lighthouse Recovery Center are a community of believers who have been healed and recovered by the power of Jesus Christ.

The Lighthouse Recovery Center has a strong love and deep compassion for those who have been wounded and hold the scars of addiction, compulsive behaviors, and dysfunctional life styles. We feel that our hearts have been molded by the Potter's hands to help those that have been where they were.

New life awaits you at the God ordained recovery center.

Mission Statement

  • Recovery

  • Relationship

  • Re-entry

Our mission is for the Lighthouse Recovery Center to glorify God by helping those who are struggling with addictions or compulsive behaviors, to be set free by the power of Jesus Christ. We offer a safe place for those struggling with addictions or compulsive behaviors to come and learn a better lifestyle through a Christian transition rehab facillty.